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Agriculture Fungicide
Agriculture Fungicides have major role in destroying fungi for high crop productivity. Non toxic composition of these products has no adverse effect on surrounding environment. Long lasting result and immediate action are the key features of these products.

Animal Feed Supplements offered by us are recommended for overall development of cattle. These supplements are effective in providing dairy animals necessary trace elements, calcium and phosphate. Standard shelf life is one of the key features of these supplements.

Bio Fertilizers have significant role in improving crop production rate. These fertilizers are effective in improving soil structure, in raising nutrients uptake of plants and in raising water holding capacity of plants and soil.

Organic content of humic acid is effective in providing required nutrients to plants. Fertilizers made of this organic compound are easily absorbed by plants directly. This array of products is simple to apply.

Plant Protection solutions offered by us have important role in safeguarding plants and crops against pests, weeds and various damaging factors of environment. These plant protectors are of non toxic grade and have no adverse effect on surrounding soil, water and other plants.

Soil Conditioners are effective in improving soil quality to make it fertile. These play significant role in raising water holding capacity of soil. Easy to apply, these are also useful to treat alkaline soil.
Wetting Agents have significant role in reducing surface tension of water for improving its spreading characteristics. As suitable soil conditioning factors, these agents improve soil quality for higher production of crop.

Yield Enhancer
Yield Enhancers are effective in improving nutrients absorption capacity of plants, in promoting root growth and also in improving soil structure. Formulated by using non toxic grade ingredients, these products reduce the rate of fertilizer application.

Agriculture Insecticide
Agriculture Insecticide have vital role in acting against insect attack to enhance quality and quantity of crop. Free from harsh chemicals, these insecticides are environment friendly. We offer this array of insecticides at reasonable price.

Plant Pesticides
Plant Pesticides are effective in controlling harmful pests for better productivity of crop. Free from harsh chemicals, this range of pesticides deserves praise for its standard shelf life and environment friendly content.